Aficlife Black Casual Men's Pocket Suit for any occasion YFN90-A

If you are worried about going out with too many heavy baggages, Now,Don't worry! Africlife pocket suit appears to help you solved this problem.When you put the whole suit folded into suit's pocket, Just be size for 27 cm * 24 cm,The pocket space is exactly the size of the entire suit! with its zipper and bag belt , also can put it cross over shoulder on your way out ,  as a kind of fashion bag, the wearing tie-in skill is absolutely unprecedented! fully canvassed lapels,lightweight shoulder pads,thoughtful instruction,easy to carry,and still have What makes you more surprised, its unique fabric is very convenient to handle it. After opening the suit, shake a shake, without ironing, and instantly overhanging. For more details, please watch the video...

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Specifications Material: Unique polyester fiber based fabric Lightweight: 125~145 GSM Feature: Anti-wrinkle,Absorb sweat, Breathable,Easy to carry. Thickness: Ultra-thin Brand: Africlife Season: Spring,Summer,AutumnFit: Slim Colour: Black Handfeel: Moderate Elastic Index: Micro Elastic Style: Casual Supply Type: Make to order or Support TailoredWhen the suit is hanging, take out the things in the pocket of the suit, especially the heavy things, the weight of a long time, it is easy to make the suit deformation.When the suit is usually worn, pay attention not to put things in the lower pocket as far as possible.

The suit itself is usually very heavy.A suit that lies flat can easily be deformed by weight.Especially for long-term storage suits, it is important to hang them up, especially customized suits.

Suit hanging is not finished, if you have time, it is best to brush every day, brush, to master the skills, so that the bristles and fabric into a 90 degree Angle, gently sweep with the tip of the brush.Brush the order is two front pieces, back, shoulders, two sleeves, collar.  Be sure to brush from top to bottom, as this will not only remove dust, but also comb and stretch the fibers, allowing them to rest.Ideally, wipe the suit lightly with a wet towel and leave it to dry in an ventilated place so that it will be as clean as new the next day.

The coat hanger of the suit cannot use the kind of hanger made of fine iron wire, it must be the kind of wide hanger, and it is the kind of radian.This kind of suit hanger is made by imitating the shape of human shoulders, which is helpful to keep the shoulder of the suit without deformation, so as to effectively maintain the wearing effect of the suit.Suit as a more expensive formal clothing, is very need to be carefully maintained.Improper maintenance of the suit, it is easy to deform out of shape, lose the proper wearing effect.The more expensive the suit, especially the bespoke suit, the more maintenance it needs.100% original design, exclusive ownership As a wonderful combination of fashion and function Africlife suits set off a craze all over the world.

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