Aficlife Bling Print Casual Men's Pocket Suit with hang loop shape YFN90-C

This four- sided elastic printing fabric is our third fabric of pocket suit , black background with shiny silver print pattern, exquisite workmanship, high-quality fabrics, style atmosphere、color fashion, Have a strong visual punch,  absolutely worth your collection it! Otherwise,Mid-lightweight fabric, good breathable, sweat absorption and fast drying, no pilling,no deformation, anti-wrinkle, no ironing,suitable for any occasion. Of course, coupled with our unique innovation, the small pocket of the suit is enough to fit the whole suit, which saves the limited space of the suitcase for your travel. Grab a spoon! More details,pls watch the video...

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Specifications Material: Unique fabric Weight 250~300 GSM Feature: Anti-wrinkle,Absorb sweat, Breathable,Quick-drying moisture absorption Thickness: Thick Brand: Africlife Season: Spring,Summer,AutumnFit: Regular Elastic Index: Super elastic Style: Casual Supply Type: Make to order or Support Tailored Desdription: Single breasted two button suitThe second suit can be grey.From ash to charcoal ash is very OK, single row button still is the safest choice, and double row button also is very decent and sedate.Plus, if you choose the right fabric, gray and navy suits will work well together.Instead of splitting them up, you can alternate pants and jackets, wearing gray pants and a navy coat one day, and navy pants and a gray coat the next.

If you're going to choose your first suit right now, forget about black. Maybe navy is the best choice.The single-breasted lapel look is perfect for any occasion. Learn to focus on the classic pieces, not the trends. Trends are always changing, and a classic navy suit will look great five, 10, or even 30 years from now.

Suit hanging is not finished, if you have time, it is best to brush every day, brush, to master the skills, so that the bristles and fabric into a 90 degree Angle, gently sweep with the tip of the brush.Brush the order is two front pieces, back, shoulders, two sleeves, collar.  Be sure to brush from top to bottom, as this will not only remove dust, but also comb and stretch the fibers, allowing them to rest.Ideally, wipe the suit lightly with a wet towel and leave it to dry in an ventilated place so that it will be as clean as new the next day.

Now that you've got the darker shades of gray and navy, it's time to decorate yourself with some lighter colors.Soft dove grey and bright royal blue are also optional, but the designer prefers rice white. This color is chic when worn with brown ties and accessories.1. For informal occasions For example, for traveling, visiting, and casual gatherings, wear a single blazer with jeans and slacks in different colors. 2 Semi-formal occasion For example, general meetings, visits, and more solemn activities, to choose a suit.If the atmosphere of the occasion is more relaxed, you can choose a set of colors and patterns, such as plaid, thick stripes, light suits are clean and free and lively. 3. On formal occasions For example, banquets, formal meetings, wedding and funeral activities, formal ceremonies and specific evening social activities, this time must wear a simple but elegant color suit, with dark, monochrome is the most appropriate.​Africlife brand teach you how to wear a suitYou can break the monotony by boldly choosing suits of different textures.For example the suit of tweed, more youthful stitching style is a kind of choice that is worth investment.​ With these five suits, you can easily handle commuting, dating, and formal occasions. For more information about dressing styles, please pay attention to Africlife.100% original design, exclusive ownership As a wonderful combination of fashion and function Africlife suits set off a craze all over the world.

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