New Soft Africa Cotton Fabric 2021 Ankara Dresses Nigerian Batik 6 Yards/Lot Material 40FS1401

Latest design african batik print fabric kent fabric 6yards ankara african wax prints wholesale  for dresses,suits,tops,jackets,Leisure suit,T-shirt,Skirts,trousers and accessories,such as wraps,headscraf, tie, handkerchief,swimsuits,etc.This fabric is deeply loved by the majority of African , and is very popular on the international first-class cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress.

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Specifications Name: New Soft Africa Cotton Fabric 2021 Ankara Dresses Nigerian Batik Material: 100% Cotton Density: 72*60 Fabric Description: One side and two sides printing Width: 44"-45" Thickness: Moderate Brand: Africlife Weight Per Square Meter: 125(g/㎡)Style No.: 40FS1401 Product Style: Organic Fabric Yarn Count: 40*40 Weave Technics: Plain Weave Handfeel: Soft Pattern: Batik Supply Type: In-Stock Items1. cotton Pure cotton has good air permeability and moisture absorption. It is comfortable to wear. 2. chiffon "Chiffon" called "georgette" ----- georgette gauze also known as georgette crepe,The texture is light and transparent, the feel is soft and bright and elastic, the appearance is clear and elegant and clean, with good air permeability and drape, and the dress is elegant and comfortable. 3. polyester The greatest characteristic of polyester is that it is more elastic than any fiber;Strength and wear resistance is good, by its textile fabrics not only fastness than other fibers 3 ~ 4 times higher, and crisp, not easy to deform, there is a "ironed" reputation. 4. polyamide Nylon is characterized by high strength and good wear resistance. Its strength and wear resistance rank first among all fibers. The shortcoming of nylon and polyester, hygroscopicity and permeability are poor.In dry environment, nylon is easy to generate static electricity, short fiber fabric is easy to pilling, pilling.In addition, the poor shape retention of nylon, made of its clothes as polyester crisp, easy to deform.But it can be carried around, is a good material for making shirts of all shapes. 5.acrylic It is fluffy, soft to the hand, and resembles wool. It is often blended with wool or used as a substitute for wool, so it is also called "synthetic wool". 6. whalen Pylon is white as snow and soft as cotton, so it is often used as a substitute for natural cotton, known as "synthetic cotton".The hygroscopic performance of vinylon is the best among synthetic fibers.In addition, Pylon has good wear resistance, light resistance and corrosion resistance. 7. chlorofibre Chemical corrosion resistance is strong, heat preservation is strong, but the shortcoming of chlorofiber is also more prominent, heat resistance is very poor. 8. linen Flax has the characteristics of strong tensile force, softness, fineness, weak electrical conductivity, fast water absorption and dispersion, and large expansion rate. 9. silk Smooth without mirror, gentle and elegant luster, pearl bright, soft and elegant feel. 10.Mercerized cotton. fabric color is bright, long wash does not change color;Fabric crisp, good anti-wrinkle performance, not easy to pilling and wrinkling. Let Africlife tell you how to distinguish between good and bad quality clothes6 yards/piece bag,10 pieces/PVC bag,600 yards/bale. Specia packing also can be provided,Such as polyester fabric rolled on a strong tube, and packaged in a plastic bag packing,exquisite cartons are also available if needed.

One of the most versatile fabrics 100% Premium quality cotton Suitable for any perfectly complex garment making Drape effortlessly and feels tender to the touch.

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